Weekly Boarding

Weekly Boarding at Brilliant Matriculation School

As a parent we had our childhood experience which is completely distinct from our adolescent. An ideal place after school for a child to go will be a neighborhood park or a play ground where they meet their friends, talk with friends and play games to build their spirit of competition.
At Brilliant Matriculation School, Coimbatore we are coming up with a new idea to create an ideal surrounding for the betterment of our children by providing the weekly boarding facility. Weekly boarding facility wherein the students stay in the school from Monday through Friday, then return home for the weekends. This helps the parents not to worry about their children’s safety and wellness.


Weekly Boarding concept is proven successful in big Metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. This provides the parents to have a good relationship with their children in terms of spending time on weekends. We at Brilliant Matriculation School introduced weekly boarding concept for the students in and around Coimbatore especially for Bangalore and Palakkad residents. Weekly boarding is completely different from long term hostel for students.

Weekly Boarding Advantages

Brilliant Matriculation School provides literacy, culture and discipline along with education to our students. We believe in;

  • After school children’s should participate in various physical activities such as playing with friends, perform group activities and interact with friends.
  • Children can avoid long and troublesome bus journeys rather they travel once in a week.
  • Interaction with peers helps in comparison among their group.
  • When children’s are sent home during the weekends they get the entire 2 days to spend some quality time with their parents.

Boarding Facilities

Brilliant Institution ensures providing excellent childhood and wellness of our students by;

  • Our house parents will make sure the children’s are educated on how to take care of themselves and their belongings.
  • The school will ensure that children consume a balanced food of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins for their growth and maintain a good health.
  • Travel to their home on weekends