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Children are precious

“There is only one talented child in the world, and every mother has it.”

A playschool is a childs first step into the new world. A playschool is a childs gateway to education, his first introduction to the concept of a school, teachers and learning. The things that a child learns in his playschool can end up playing an important role in shaping his personality. Our unique educational approach helps us in making this foundation as strong as a rock.

In our academy, we follow an all round development approach that caters to the physical, intellectual and social development of our children. Our specially designed activities and curriculum provide ample opportunities and enough stimuli to make them confident, smart and intelligent “young adults”.

  • Kindergarden

    Learning by doing, experiencing through activities at kindergarten and primary classes

  • Classroom

    The classroom is carefully designed with the children in mind. Art and music are given special attention as ways to experience beauty in the environment. These experiences will travel with your child as he/she enters elementary school and throughout life!

  • Technology

    Technology aided learning in all the branches of knowledge by preparation and presentation of educational videos through smart classes.

  • Computer

    We are in the age of science and technology. Computer is playing significant role in all walks of life. Keeping in mind, well equipped computer lab is established for imparting computer education to the tiny tots.

  • Campus

    The campus has its own beautiful playground on which the students can exercise and enjoy free play. The playground is divided into age-appropriate areas and is furnished with safe imported equipment for the practice of balance and co-ordination.

  • Hostel

    Hostel, Food lounge & Dining classes

  • Transport

    Transport Facility available around 25 kms radius.